As parents in the special needs community, the TLC2 founders experienced the need for affordable coaching and consulting services. In addition to these services there was also a need for marriage coaching for familes being pulled in a multitude of directions and eventually being pulled apart.


TLC2 welcomes the opportunity to put our experience to work for your family. Each of our services are professional and our fees are manageable. 




Special Needs Planning

Our consultants can guide you through the twists, turns and dead-ends in the special needs support maze. TLC2 specializes in assisting with the following:


  • Total Life Plan - Person-Centered life plan 

  • Community Services Planning

  • Waiver/Financial Supports: NOW & COMP 

  • Education Planning

  • Employment Consulting

  • Transition Planning

  • Adult Life Preparation: Guardianship and SSI



Family Life Support

The quality of life for families with special needs children is greatly impacted without proper support and guidance.  We work with you from initial diagnosis through adulthood to offer hand-in-hand support during each critical juncture. 


  • Acceptance and managing disabilities

  • Marriage Coaching for couples with  special needs children

  • Family Dynamics Training & Support

  • Workshop & Training - click for classes & schedules

  • Community Guidance

  • Respite Care Planning








IEP Coaching

A well written IEP is essential to the success of each student. TLC2 provides coaching and support with the following:


  •  Review current IEP

  •  Review benchmarks

  •  Map programs and services

  •  Assist with development of IEP

  •  IEP Meeting Support


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